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the wkend!

 my little joey, she put her helmet on and was ready for a bike ride
 saturday was the 2nd anniversary of the day moncton lost 3 RCMP.  our church held a memorial service, with the guest speaker from a christian peace officer support group.  i was literally blown away, and had tears as i sat and listened to this detective from the states share his story. he dealt with child protection, meaning he investigated the worst, horrid stories of child abuse. 

we we came into the parking lot we were met with 2 fire trucks holding the canadian flag
 the RCMP pipe and brass band, and the officers were behind
 entering the church
 it was a really great service.  so thankful we have officers who protect us. thank you shawn! 
 sun night we found the girls like this
 my heart!
 mon was raining and cold. we did our best to have some fun. haha
 me heart!
 then joey worked on her math
 and reading
sunday afternoon nate had a friend from forest school over for a play date, as i was driving the boy home we came up on an accident scene. i knew just by looking it was bad. yesterday there were flowers and balloons where the accident was. today there was a death notice in the paper. how scary that an afternoon bike ride would turn fatal.  after hearing the service that morning and listening to the detective, this put my life back into perspective

im so thankful for all i have