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last week

 ellie wants to be a dr when she get older. she created a stethoscope out of my ipad charger cords. she says "look mom, its a scope!"  shes a cutie
last tues i FINALLY got my hair cut. which was 8 MONTHS over due. i went with the almost same. a bob, the last time i had an inverted bob. haha
 ohhhh so shiny
 it will prob be antoher year until my next hair cut. ha
 wwed morning, we woke up to a BIRD stuck in the gazebo!  freaky, it was freaking out, i sent nate in to set it free
 after a brief break in the 6 DAYS straight of RAIN last week, i took the kids to the park to run and play.  they DID
 joey ran, and ran
 and ran
 and ran
with out her boots
 and in joey's style, she left the park, boot less, soaked and dirty beyond repair
 i found the older 2 like this. building a blanket fort
 and joey joined later, and in typical joey style, fell down the hill...haha
 riding her bike, in a light rain
 after a WEEK of rain, and losing out on a field trip last week, i decided to end school early this yr. we are DONE grade 3!  the weather is super nice this wk, so we are going outside to play and learn. no more book work!  nate and i worked hard this yr, so why not end a few weeks early???  thats the best about home school!

happy monday everyone!