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 last friday night, chris and i hired a babysitter and went out for dinner.  dinner was great.  cafe Archibald  never lets us down
 we came home to this.  2 thumbs up. and a clean house!  have i mentioned this, we LOVE maddy!
 everything was folded!  i was impressed, in the past when i hire sitters i come home to a mess and dishes everywhere. this is a first!  awesome!
 they are building more houses....we went to check them out. so fun for the kids to play around on
 ellie and the fish pond.  she was quite taken with these friendly fish who kept coming to her and opening their mouths for food!
 she was feeding them rocks. haha
 joey and ellie.  oh they played. and played. by the end of the day, joey was stripped to a diaper. she was so dirty!  i tried to savage her pants, and tossed them both in the tub!  playing is fun work!
 ellie brought bunny along. and set him up. she told me he was napping while they played. haha
 church sun morning. ellie was all dressed up and looked so cute. and wanted to bring her toy gun with her...hahaha
 two peas in a pod!
 she was allowed to bring the gun in the car!  not to church thou
 on the way home we came across this.  a jumper!  she was later talked down off the pass and brought to the hospital.  it was a interesting chat on the way  home, explaining this detour to the kids
 it has been raining non stop for days now....on sunday, i had enough. i put the kids in rain gear and went to the park.  they had SO much fun.  we had the park to ourselves!
 and joey took her boots off
 and ran around. she is such a busy, happy little thing
 yesterday morning. the girls played in the front room. i found them like this
 playing nap time. ellie put joey to bed and she went to bed too
 hahaha love how they play together!!
this is a quick post, while joey i napping and nate is finishing up school. ellie is sitting on my lap as i type.  my days are full and filled. challenges, tears, frustrations and laughter....ill update more on that later when i have a chance to sit and think...ha