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i've  mentioned in the past, that i followed the killing trial of timothy bosma closely...this is true.

  i cant gather why, i dont know.  but i have followed. and listened to so much. from each and every daily trail account, to the google searches and heart felt tears. i didnt know this man, or his wife or even his family. but for some reason 3 yrs ago, a random news article gripped my heart and i find myself 3 yrs later, following the murder trail. daily. 

something in me yells THIS IS SO WRONG!  so SENSELESS! so sad


i dont know why, but from following this trial from moncton, to halifax, from airports to orlando ( where i spent my evenings, reading up on the daily events) from the last 4 months.until yesterday, when the jury went into succession (isolation) to determine their verdict.  i am at loss for words.

i have no idea why this case had effected me the way it has
i dont know "why i care" about someone i dont know, or will ever meet
or why i cry over a death so senseless
so unreal
so undeserving
so evil
 so unfair

god, you know our hearts before we even say a word. you know.  god be great in this case. as a jury sits and decides. be with the family of those who lost a son, a husband, a father, a friend, be great in all this....tim bosma.  rest in true peace



Mom said...

Amen. I have not been following the
case but it is close to our hearts as it could be us instead of them.