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fort beaus!

 i took the kids to fort beausjour today, it was an organized day trip with the local home school groups. we had SO much fun. the cost was 2.90! haha  the kids had SOO much fun running around and playing. i spent most of my time chasing after joey, and spending time with my pal a. 
it was SO cold, and i didnt pack jackets but we were able to borrow 3 jackets for us all to wear! 
 we split the kids up into 2 groups, nate and his friend micah went into the older kids group, and i went with the girls and aralee and her son judah
 i was impressed with how well the group of kids sat and listened!
 they did really well
 ellie stayed with us during the talks, but when we hit the hill she ditched us to run around with the older unsocial home school kids
 joey just RAN
 and ran
 and ran
 and got into everything
 then climbed a wall
 that was used to hold guns and shoot out of them
 all the way to the end
 where she got comfortable and talked to everyone who walked by her window
 the girls!
 making friends
 my friend aralee holding ellie up on the wall, while i was chasing joey
 leading the way to the museum
 more talks and excellent behavior for preschoolers!