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a little this, a little that

 miss ellie knocking on my door. love her

we had some rain this week, to spend some of the time, i gave the kids paint, paint brushes and sent them to the tree house to paint. and that they did. they spent hours out there!  
 painting the beams
 my chairs are also now painted. haha

 ellie found a hat and had to wear it...adorable!
 trying for a pic. these were the best. johana was taken with ellie's sparkly shoes....and yes dad, i know.  johana looks like baby melanie
 nate looks so pleased with himself
 nate and i, late at night...awawwww some day he will hate me for these pics but for now, he's happy sleeping in my bed
 yesterday, as soon as the rain stopped the kids were back in the pool. nate was the only guy, hahaha
 how to keep a baby busy while you have things to do?  give her an apple and let her eat it. for an HOUR!  she had a blast!
 my little jo jo bean