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the lobster

 we took the kids out to the lobster in shediac mon night, nate loves going.  its a special place for him.  anyways, the kids climbed, played and had fun. chris took the girls home around 6:30 and i stayed on with the boys/mom/dad, which was nice to have a night "off"
 johana smiled from the side lines
 the boys
 then nate opened his gift from nana and papa plumps
 a game, we have played it twice already, its a super fun game!  we also got the dot to dot....i made it 1/2 way through they are hard! but fun!  thank you \so much muetti for thinking of us in the middle of your busy summer. we love you guys!
i am talking with chris about planning a trip to ont next hoping we can work something out....