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we are alive!

big brother nate, allowing jo jo to sit on him. ha
my wonderful family!
hanging by the "water mountain" as ellie calls it
my johana joy!
please note, my grey hair!  to the left, those are not blond highlights but GREY hair!!!
johana watching her bro and sis swim and sitting under the shade of the apple tree
a caterpillar !  we had to a stop swimming to check it out
my silly ellie, being silly!
johana enjoying the shade while i enjoyed the swing!  summer is finally here and we are enjoying it.  we spend 90% of our days outside! love it!

we are alive and well! we were away for the wkend and chris decided to improve and update the laptop. it took a bit longer than we thought....and now I am having issues with blogger and I am unable to upload my 300 pics. ha so a typed update will have to work for now!

 the most thrilling event around here is nate's behavior! before nate went to hali, I was getting close to snapping and losing it with him. a bunch of events happened, his buddy down the street moved, and his other friend went into day care, I am the only sahm around here so during the days there are NO kids around here. nate has a VERY hard time keeping himself busy...meaning he relies on others to entertain him. he does have interest such as lego, reading and following me around. so when his friends left, he was lost and started to well, follow me around all day BUGGING me and his sisters. I wont let him on his tablet or use the computer/t.v during the day. so he was a huge thorn in my side! esp with the 2 WEEKS of RAIN! so he went up to hali and when he came back, he was a new kid. I am not sure what happened. but he has been amazing. on Monday, we had a family day, which was the best. day. ever. and chris spent some time with him in the shop, this set something off in nate and between the pool and shop, I don't see much of him. he FINALLY has something that sparks his interest. he LOVES going into the shop and making things, using the tools then jumping into the pool to cool off. the kid wears swim trunks all day because he's always in the pool! he LOVES swimming! I am so thrilled to see my kid happy, singing and laughing ive truly enjoyed watching nate enjoy himself. to see him laugh! to be silly! to ask me if he can go in the pool and the shop in place of asking me to play a game with him, read him a book, play a video game etc....he now takes charge of himself and finds something to do! I am thrilled! I am SO glad we got the pool. it was worth every penny!

 ive also noticed, that ive changed, I am no longer taking the kids places, instead we chill at home. I love my home. I love my back yard, its very quiet during the day and we have everything we we stay and chill

 ellie ellie is still ellie, a little joy. she is very talkative now! I love listening to her talk about everything and its funny to hear things I say come out of her mouth. she has gone back to her naps!!! and enjoys swimming with nate after she wakes up! she has not had an accident in so long and wakes up dry most days. soon, I will night train her but I'm in no rush. ellie loves to play, she is often found alone playing with her dolls and babies, taking care of them and making sure they are ok. she is a total mini mom, she loves to play with jo jo but is confused when jo jo doesn't do what she says! haha she is out of the 2's and is into the 3's. with all stages come good and bad and I choose to look at the good. ha ellie loves to go out and is always asking to go out to the mall, the store to the park or see daddy. she adores her dad, and is listening for him to come home around 4 each day. she plays well with nate and is starting to play with jo!

 jo jo jo jo is crawling and scooting around on her arms, she is such a happy baby. I didn't know babies could be like this, we thought ellie was happy...ummmm no jo jo is! jo loves her sleep and wakes up around 9, when not woken by her sister or brother earlier. she loves her 3.5-4 hr naps in her "baby hammock" that I made in the basement. she is cutting another tooth right now and went to bed with a fever last night. but other than her 2 cries you wouldn't know anything was wrong. she loves to follow nate around and when he comes in the room her head turns to the direction that she hears him, she love to be held and will just sit there with you. shes my little happy baby!

 chris he is back to work and hates it. hahahaha other than that he's the same. he's a solid guy, that's one of the main reasons why I love him! we are at a good place, I think this is the best our marriage has been, I think he's a cool guy and I'm glad to do life with him! and with that, I am off to get the kids something to eat. I'm impressed, I was able to type for 15 mins! whooo hoooooooooooooo! ipp get the pics up as soon as I get blogger working again!