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life lessons!

 after a debate, an argument and a discussion on ordering pop at restaurants, nate decided to pay with his own money 2.50 (i think) for a glass of pop, here it is....the smallest glass i have EVER seen. he was so sad, and said i was right, its a waste of money and is not a financially wise choice. haha
 then he got his 7.00 kids meal. a boxed costco pizza and a few meal how ever was made in house and was delish!
 the kids after our meal fri night
 more kids
 trying to get ellie to 8:45 pm....i was wanting to join the adults in the 'party room' as nate called it. haha
 my aunt gave my dad a bunch of articles about him from his glory days playing foot ball. my dad was quite the athlete. baseball/football and floor hockey were his bests or was it rugby too?
 neat too see!
 nana with the sat morning.  we hit up a local home style place for breaky and yet again....nate ordered juice with his meal....1.75 this time
it was the SAME small size glass as the night before. hahaha i told him i would go buy him a2 lt  bottle at the store for 1.00