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irish town

 one day last week, after a HOT day, we went for a walk in the woods.  ellie brought her elmo along
 and gave her to jo while she ran off with the other 2 in the woods.  next year jo can join them!
 crossing bridges made of rocks. it was deemed not good enough, total eigenheer style and they built a better one for ellie
 enjoying the view with my boy!
 so nice to see him happy and enjoying life!
 this was how close the ducks were!  i am not zooming in on them!  crazy!  i fed them jo's crackers. ha
 just a little walk in the water to cool off
 and then they got soaked!
i love family time! i love the out doors!  i love summer! no school! haha


quinn said...

Dear Mel i was looking at your blog it is awesome. jojo is cute and ellie is a dear nate is a ninja.