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school 2015/2016 part 2

all summer long i have been putting off and poking around with the new school year's plan. but i finally started it last that i almost finished it, i was invited over to a friend's place last night to poke through her 4 boxes of curric that she no longer needs (she put her kids in public school last yr) so now, i have 2 more boxes to sort and rework my above plan...hahaha

this post is a photo blog to show you the books i have and as always, a record for moi. ha

above, ellie was helping me get her preschool ready. haha

math u see. nate's work book, i do have the test book that i use with him. he did 6 chapters last yr before we stopped, so im thinking a week or 2 in sept/oct will be spent on review
brand new, rod and staff books
the complete set, plus a teacher book that is 2' think! 
the amazing experiencing canada books i scored used for 50.00!
more geography books.  after we do the unit studies above, im thinking we will do some geography and maps
science. the text book is on the left, the work book on the right. the workbooks are 17.00 american, which to me is affordable to buy for the girls
free cursive...but this will change cause i got a whole cursive course last night!
spelling, i need to set this up, and prep it
brain booster!
journal sheets
just write curric, i need to plan, prep and read the book....
grammar, again...i need to prep this....cough....
homophones, this is an awesome book. filled with games (that i have to prep ha) and i think nate will enjoy it
book report sheets
his serious books
fun books
the books that have the green sheets dividing them from the rest are books i plan on using from jan-june, if i need them
my full bookshelves that chris built 6 yrs ago while building the house. we had no idea how much i would need/use them!  i LOVE them! 
the bottom shelf books are nate and ellie's to pick up and read. the rest are curric/school ref books
nate's new awesome planner. i scored it for 5.00, i should do a blog post alone about how awesome it is!
flash cards/school stuff storage
last yr's plan. i totally used it, i made changes to it and adjusted it as we went along. i am glad i made a plan for us to follow, it really helped guide me along...
ellie's preschool
i scored these 3 trays at micheals for 3.00!!!  i went back and got 1 more pack of 3. they are the best at keeping her school stuff together
this is her drawer. i have added some more manipulative s to it. i just got some zip slide bags and put in what ever i have around the house, and voila...items she can use for school. she likes having her own drawer


Jonathan said...

looks really cool, cannot wait to start pooling resources for coppers first day :) Love how you have the classic novels, schools skip them now :(

mel said...

i like the classics. its great for vocab development, i do use jr versions thou, much easier for gr 3 to read and understand. it took me 2 yrss to figure out nate's learning style and get into a flow, so leave your self lots of room to change things up but what do i know? hahaha seriously, i still trying to figure everything out