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silly stuff

 i explained to nate the other day, that the above "gift" is NOT a gift idea for his wife's birthday.  no worries, i sent it back to the store. hahaha

the other morning, ellie had a bug in her tummy and i found them like this
 ellie was reading to me while i sorted through some books, one rainy day last week
 i came into nate's room the evening after i baked the kid's fav...banana cakes, as they call them, to find this on his wall
 he hung a MUFFIN on his WALL for his night time snack. he put it up high so ellie couldn't get it. hahahaha
 i went to bed and found big bear already tucked in. i love ellie!
 this is how we do a hot afternoon while the girls nap. nate and i read and snack....nate couldnt decided which chips he wanted, so he took both. hahaha
 the girls playing together
 i love them