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camp out!

 sat am, chris and his buds took the kids on a father son hiking trip. they hiked for 3 hrs to their camp site, beside a lake, where they ate, farted, burped, cut up things with knives, swam, ate, had a bon fire, told stories and made memories, together
 nate carried his own pack, and didnt complain!  i was so happy!  the things was almost as big as he is!
 off they go, but not before a pic
 the boys just before they took off
the kids, weston, jake, nate and nelson. the big boys, jason, chris and pat
 i spent some of my time digging through the curric i picked up last thurs
 2 of the books were on my wish list for next year! score!
 and a stack load of readers. i left behind a good 20 more! i was trying to figure out a way to get them to you ursi!  see, i wish we lived closer to each other! 


Jonathan said...

Don't get rid of your home schooling stuff, we will buy it off you

Ursi said...

maybe we'll have to ship the Grandparents your way for a visit and a pick-up:)

mel said...

ursi!- great idea!!! send me a list of what you want/need/wish to have and when im out ill look for you, i am always finding curric. i can put it away and have muetti take it back when she comes to visit :)

jon-ill still be using it with jo, she and copper will be in the same grade, but i am totally ok with sharing it with you when we are not using it. i thought jess wasnt going to use books or follow curric? last we talked about it she wanted to unschool off the grid? when you guys get closer to it...say in about 5 yrs. hahaha come over and poke through my stuff :)

Jonathan said...

yeah we never discussed it yet, guess it's a good time to start :)

mel said...

if you use books, textbook or other you are more than welcome to peek at my library. but a warning, some of it is faith based ;) muwahhhhhh