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weekend fun!

 sat night, we borrowed the neighbour's fire pit and had a bon fire with nate. i thought it would be fun to have ellie there too. so i woke her up, she lasted 10 mins and asked to go back to bed, love it
 post swim snuggle with my jo jo bean
 dbl fisting crackers
 sun, i went to church with nate, the girls were really tired and needed naps so chris stayed home with them, because i WANTED to go to church! i really love my church now!  anyways, sun night cry and her crew joined us for a bon fire and swim.  they stayed over night and took off mon for their vacation ( AGAIN! hahaha)  i got cry hooked on my new adult coloring book!!!!  its awesome!
 chilling with aunty
 some of the kids
 my sis is a wino lush

ok...she was holding my glass....she drinks the hard stuff. ha
 chris, chris, and his outfit choice. i was like dude, really???? go back and change! ha
some of the kids and the bon fire. super fun!  can i say how much i LOVE summer!


Jonathan said...

Chris looks like a bad golfer :)