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my birthday day!

 when chris got home from work, we took the kids to the "water mountain" (aka splash pad) as ellie calls it. it was SO hot out. the park was very quiet by the time we got there, so it was refreshing and enjoyable
 jo loved the water
 i took ellie through the water tunnels and got SOAKED. but it was worth it, she was totally loving it and ran like crazy
 ellie loving the water
 we came home and chris got jo ready for bed. sigh. im like, give her cuddles!  no worries, i took her down and cuddled my baby
 but the day started like this. chris brought me my jo jo to cuddle in bed. he also brought me a coffee, the PERFECT way to start the day.  them he told me he took an hr off so i could have an extra hr of help, i jumped in the shower and let him take the kids down to feed them. it was awesome! to shower alone!
 but not before he gave me a gift. he hid the surprise in this envelope knowing i would NOT open it. hahaha pension docs. haha

what was inside was 2 tickets to see REND COLLECTIVE!!! in concert WITH already booked babysitting!!!!!!  i was so surprised and excited. i love this group!  good job chris, good job!
 i came down to presents, ellie was reading my cards
it was a truly enjoyable, first day in my 40's.  i am so grateful for chris and my life.  good and bad days, i am happy i get to do life with him