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family reunion!

 last fri, ellie and i left and met up with nana, papa, aunty, charlie and the boys in truro and then took off down to cape breton for our first ever, family reunion on my grandmother's side. my dad's mom.  i knew basically little about her, that her name is cameron and she was from c.b.  so it was neat to see the other side of the family.  we drove 4 hrs and finally got to the hotel.  we paid 80.00 a night for no a/c, stuffy, musty room. ha.  BUT it was clean and well taken care of.  we shared 2 rooms. mom and dad took the boys and cry and i had the girls.  i decided to leave chris home bec jo still naps a lot and well, someone would have spent a lot of time in the room with her. so chris stayed home and had a blast with her. ha. 

view from the hotel above
the motel below. ellie saw dad and was yelling "papa!  wait papa!"
 most of my uncles/aunts and cousins stayed here
 my uncles/aunts!
from left to right
uncle clyde (aunt ida was in the shower ha)
uncle bill, uncle sandy/aunt joan from sk
aunt mary, dad and mom!
 up close. only uncle terry and aunt ida were missing. not too bad!
 the kids were with me!  i wanted mom and dad to have a 10 hr drive in quiet!
 ellie waiting to leave. she was so tired
 stopping to see the view
 cb is beautiful!
 we dropped quinn, charlie and aunty off on the side of the road. literally. haha
this is how i saw them and snapped a pic