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family time

 hahaha jo goes in the pool naked. ellie took her swi suit off to pee. haha  love naked babies!
 mom, my other lilly bush bloomed. this pic is for you
 lunch time snuggle with daddy
 jo watched
 my best birthday gift ever. my arms are full....althou, there would be room for 1 more lucked in on the left. my heart will always carry benny boy
 the kids were very tired....ha
 nate helping jo master the stairs!
 my little joyful jo!
 how i spend my days. i wouldnt trade it for anything
 sat, i took ellie with me to run errands. i went to 5 stores, she was SO good. she LOVED shopping with me.  after each store she would ask "what store now?" then "i NOT go home, i go shopping"  she was so fun to be with. after 3 hrs, i drove home and found her like which she said "i no go home, i go to another store" hahaha she was so tired