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reunion part 2

 sat was the day of the reunion. we all met up at my dad's cousin's cottage. cottage is not the word i would use. the place was amazing. the cottage was a finished bungalow, a house. there was a HUGE pool, that nate only left to eat and pee, he spent the whole. day. in the water and i mean that! 
 the property went to the lake, i didnt go down there cause i heard the black flies were bad, but imagine having this property in your family! amazing!
 all by himself....ha

my cousin michele taking some of the kids for a ride. i think they were trying to figure out who was sober enough to drive. hahaha
 some of the many kids
 there was 3 birthdays on the wkend so someone got them a huge cake.  quinn was in the front, i couldnt get in the house, i was keeping an eye on nate in the pool. ha
 my dad, aunt joan his sister and michele
 aunt mary and the dude who owns the house, tommy
i didnt take a lot of pics at the reunion, i was too busy talking to ppl. shocking i know. haha