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peek a boo

 johana discovered the outside world. ha.  she just stood there in the door, marking up my winders with slobbery marks and tiny finger prints that i get to clean up. get to as in a blessing to do it!  she just wiggled and giggled and called " HI! HIYA!" to everything that moved
 "hi ya!" look what i can do!
wiggle wiggle giggle giggle
my little monkey.  she's growing too fast!


Jonathan said...

When did she start standing?

Crystal said...

So nice to see her standing and slobbering! Lol

mel said...

jon-just this week she is pulling herself up to stand. in terms of development and the 'charts' she is far behind what she "should" be doing. i firmly believe that each baby is an individual and will walk,talk,sit when they are ready. i dont follow charts. nate was walking at her age. johana is such a chilled baby, that i cant see her walking before christmas....example, its 8:40 and shes still sleeping...hahaha she will do it on her own time, when she's ready....and its easier for me....1 less kid to account for.....bawahhhhhh

cry-she is washing my floors with her drool and slobber...hahahaha love it.

Jonathan said...

mel - i totally agree