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this is a total brag post about nate...

yesterday morning he came to me and showed me the trailer to the movie hotel Transylvania 2.  it was a cute clip, i chucked along with nate at the silliness of it...when it was over i decided to use it as a teaching moment. the movie its self is cute and silly. nate really wanted to see the movie

i told him that there is a fine line between cute and silly and serious and leading you down a road...the movie is about vampires and what not. i shared with him what i feel, that althou the movie itself is harmless, not scary but funny and silly, it still talks about vampires.  which could lead him into some not so silly things in the future...

when the girls went to nap, nate and i sat down at the computer. with a pen and paper in hand (nate likes visual charts) i wrote down

then we did some reading up on the place, which lead us to our next google search (wikipedia)

Dracula. so we read up on him which lead us to the next search

vampires and after reading up on that we found
\folk lores/stories which opened up a lot of not so funny things

i asked nate to ask god about it, ask him if he should watch the movie.  i told him i was leaving it up to him.

a few hours past and nate came back to me and he said he felt in his heart that god said it was not a good idea. and he was ok not seeing the movie

i gave him a hug and we talked some more about how easy it is to go down the wrong road, making bad choices...

i shared with him my own revelation back in june. i felt that i was watching too much t.v. so i stopped watching t.v (all but 1 show, once a week)  so 6 nights a week i am doing other things, mostly reading.  ive gone through a dozen books or more! spent time with chris, gone on a few *cough* 4 HOUR coffee dates with friends...enjoyed the outdoors all because what started as watching a few shows turned into a lot of shows....resulting in watching tv every night!  not good for me! 

even as adults we have to be careful!  anyways, i am SO happy that nate and i were able to spent time figuring out his problem and come to a solution.