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school 2015/2016 part 1

 Grade 3
-math u see. gamma                                                                                  
Flash cards, work sheets

-god leads his people. Units 1-5
Work book units 1-5
This is a newbie.  We have never used rod and staff before, but having the chance to peek at the books at conference, I bought them to try out this year.  I plan on reading the text book with nate and have him read the scripture from the bible, then he works indep in the work book.  I decided to invest in the books, buying them new and plan on using them with the girls.  Last year I did not spend much time with a formal bible study/lesson because I found nate was just tired of it and I really don’t want it to become religious.  I am excited with these books and I hope they are worth the money!

Social Studies
Discovering Canada series
-new france
-The defenders
-The loyal refugees
-The fur traders
-Black heritage
-Native people
-The railways 
I scored these books used for 50.00, they are in mint condition and have already finished the Vikings last year, I plan on doing the series with nate and making up the assignments as we go along J
I also plan on accomplishing
-spectrum geography
-clearly geography
And read the book a trip across Canada…

-apologia exploring creation with zoology 1
 flying creatures
I will read the text book with nate (I enjoy the books!) and he can work indep in his work book after. We really enjoy the exploring creation series, so I bought the text book new and plan on using it with the girls, that way I only have to buy them their own work books when the time comes

Language Arts
-photo copy work sheets from the internet in a binder…free! Ha
-all about spelling!  We love this program. I have the white board for the tiles, but its put away behind my a/c unit so I cant snap a pic!  I bought it new at the conf, unfortch I couldn’t find it used anywhere. But again, ill use it with the girls and it will be free then!  I do work with nate on the spelling, he does his work in a note book…which cost .5. ha
-daily review- I found this for free on the free table at conf!  so I photo copied it and stuck it in a binder! Free curric is awesome. Har har
-daily journal- I write out questions for nate to answer on a daily base.  He actually enjoys this! It’s a bit time consuming, but worth it.  I love to read his answers and its often creates fun conversation. Nate does needs to put effort into it and fill the page up…which is a struggle bec this kid LOATHES writing!
-just write- I haven’t prepped this yet…so I am not sure exactly what im gonna do with it. Haha
-grammar- grammar work book…I haven’t prepped this yet….cough
-homophones (all about reading). I still have to prep this…cough…..someday….no pressure
-reading review and book reports. This year I am going to try something new. Each day nate gets to pick a book, read it and do a mini review on the book.  Im hoping this will boost his lack of eagerness to write…ha.  The books will be small, say 20 pages tops but mostly it will give him a great opportunity to work on his own, or do ‘busy’ work while im with the girls…
-independent reading. Nate will choose a novel and read 20 mins a day.  Once he’s done he will write out his report and at the end of the book he will do a proper review
Independent reading list
-          The hunch back of notre dame
-          Ivanhoe
-          The wizard of oz
-          The wind in the willows
-          The call of the wild
-          The count of monte cristco

More Enjoyable books J
Two minute mysteries
Doctor dolittle
How to eat fried worms
Chocolate fever
Thomas Edison
Knowing me, this list will change as I find more books during the year. Har har

I also have poetry and 3 more writing books on back up, in case he gets all this done…or something is not working and I need to switch it up.

My goal this year with nate is to really crack down on his writing, or rather his lack there of.  He really doesn’t like to write (pen to paper) and I have to force him to take pride in his work.  We have studied the writing type (narrative, persuasive, objective etc…) but im wanting to boost his writing skills, spelling and penmanship
This year I am not doing any electives with the lad (art, music etc) he really doesn’t like them, so im not going to force him.  I rather fight with him on his writing. Haha
My ideal day/plan is going to be something like this…
8ish-wake up, showers, dressed clean up rooms
8:30ish- breaky at the table, all together with a quick devotion
9-nate starts school in the school room working independently while I clean up, start laundry, prep supper and keep the girls in tow
10ish- ellie starts her loose preschool with jo and nate in the same room (im expecting a gonk show till Christmas, it take time to intro a new routine) nate works on his school alone
11ish prep lunch, eat
11:30ish girls nap. Jo in her napping hammock in the basement (totally made her an awesome nap area) ellie naps./reads in her room
11:30-1 one on one with nate for his school, im thinking an hour and ½ should work
1:00ish Get ellie up ( she cant nap more than 2 hrs or she will be up all night)
2:30 get jo up, yes, she really naps that long in her hammock
3-4 clean up, kids play, I check emails (ha ha like I can with 3 kids up!) prep supper
4 CHRIS IS HOME AND I GET A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fyi-the main reason why I typed this out is 2 fold

-it will help me stay on track! I actually used last years plan a lot and felt great satisfaction by checking off the list and making changes on the way, as to what did not work and what did
-its helping me start practicing how to record keep from an early age!

Preschool age 3
I have a drawer for ellie with all kids of fun things for her to play with, she is amazing at keeping herself busy/playing on her own, so on the days she needs help J I will toss a baggie on a tray and help her come up with something to do during nate’s school time. For the most part, she likes to sit in my lap while I read out loud to nate or play with jo…

I am not doing a formal preschool program for her. She’s 3. I want her to play and laugh and love life.  When she shows interest, I will set her up with crayons and what not at the table. Althou, she really likes making pictures with me…yeah! Haha

I think just by having her see how we do school, it will get her into a routine of sorts, which will help when she starts k…but honestly, I truly believe, that just having ellie with us is what is best for her.  I am not going to run myself taking her to preschool and play groups.  God has really shown me a lot in this area, and I have asked him to show me what he desires for my school this is…as well as what is best for my kids/family

I truly, even on the bad days, love that we home educate.  For us and our family, it is the right thing to do…and the older nate gets, the more independent he works. Sob sob.