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 naked baby bum!  dont worry, you cant see it but we could!  there is nothing more adorable than jo's baby bum. sigh. and her toes. sigh ok, just her!  anyways, she loves the water!  we just strip her down and take her in! 
 happy johana!
 sitting with daddy!
 nate went to the shop and made this cross for our house, he put it up and everything. he told me he made it so everyone will know that we are christians.
i remembered swiss day!  i put my swiss flag out!  muetti, we got the coloring books. but i dont think chris got it. ha. he gave them to me and said "take these, you can do them with the kids" im like dude, i know nothing about the pic's, that's why your mother sent them to YOU to explain them while they color! haha.  knowing life, ill color them with the kids but ill have to make up my story to go with them!