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the hunt!

 nate really wanted a treasure hunt for his birthday, so sat morning i went out and made one.  i wrote out clues and they would have to find the next clue, to eventually find the the club house on the top floor
 getting the first clue
 reading the note together
 and they are off!
 finding another clue
 and more running
 one clue took us to the park, ellie swang while they looked for the clue
 copper joined us 1/2 way through
 the crew coming back
 copper sharing his ride
 the treasure was found!
althou sat was the birthday party, mom and dad took the older 3 kids to the movies so we had cake and gifts on sun after church. nate was really good with waiting!

i think this will be the last yr of keeping the party small and family.  he's getting older now, and im thinking ill branch out and he can have a small something for his birthday next year.

i can not believe that i have an EIGHT yr old!!!