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to rapture or not?

so, a few weeks back, while sitting around the camp fire, chris discovered one of my secret secrets. i shared with him, that im scared ill miss the rapture!  not only that, i do secret 'tests' to make sure chris is still here and i havent missed it

you see, i grew up Pentecostal, there is nothing with with the poac, but we left it a few yrs back to join more nondenominational churches.  so growing up paoc, a fear and the warnings put a holy fear in me, one that i still fight with as an adult!  that you do not want to mess with the rapture!  the horrors you will endure, the fear of me missing this event kept me up at night and looking over my back...

now, with all the talk of the blue moons, the economy crisis, the predictions, the middle east, the state of isreal, the global climate and shift of morals/beliefs mixed in with the right and freedom to be what ever you want, act how ever you feel and do what you wish...with a lot of political correctness...cough...makes a lot of ppl look towards the main event. the rapture is coming.  maybe in sept? 

last night we had good friends over and towards the end of the night we shifted conversation to a new topic.  one that i have never really thought of before....the theology of no rapture.

this opened a lively and fun discussion, well past midnight!  on a school night!  on this topic.  it really had me thinking...and i havent stopped

each chance i have had today im googling and reading....and my old school, church teachings are being questioned.  now to seel and explore for myself and have the holy spirit show me new things....

for a quick but deep read check out

no longer do we ponder the old school questions.  pre-post-mid rapture beliefs but now, this is a whole new rapture

so, what do you think?  are you riding the rapture bus or hoping on the no rapture plane?


Jonathan said...

Word rapture isn't even in the bible, it's a concept made of a few different verses. If you ever want to discuss hit me up, i've done a lot of reading up on it :) you could say i investigated it like a Cameron "Buck" Williams :)

mel said...

i knew the word rapture wasnt biblical but the whole idea of the rapture theory wasnt even taught until the 1800's threw me for a "what?" crazy. so now im like looking at bible verses with a new thought pattern. this is just a fun way for me and chris to talk and challenge each other to our faith. im gonna call you and chat you up!