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 the boys doing their "Geronimo!"
 go! ha

quinn decorated nana and papa's room for nate. it was so cute, so thoughtful, he had decorations and pictures of nate and him, quinn picked out all the pics that meant something to him. so sweet!

last weekend we celebrated nate's 8th birthday.  we did a low key, family pool party, mom and dad came up fri and stayed till tues in a hotel, a mini vacation for them. while cry and the kids joined us sat and stayed the night. quinn, stayed on until tues morning, and we had a sleep over with him.  jon and his crew stayed sat night in a hotel that cry got for him, thanks cry!  because nate really wanted his uncle jon to come.  we did some swimming at the pool, then back to our house for pizza and the treasure hunt, then a movie with nana and papa.  we had cake and gifts on sun.  it was low key and enjoyable. just how i like them to be! 
 looking back over the years.
 get off the phone ellie!